Problems while peeing and while erect I have tight foreskin, I am not circumcised.

Patient: I am uncircumcised and when I don’t pull my foreskin back I can pee fine, but when I pull my foreskin back I pee in 2 streams. If I push harder when peeing with the foreskin pulled back the pee comes out in 1 stream but it is a flat stream. Also my foreskin is very tight when I’m erect. I’ve managed to pull it back all the way while erect but it is very tight and will not go any further. How can I get this fixed?

Symptoms: Urinating, Tight foreskin

Doctor: Hi. Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.This is Phimosis or Paraphimosis. The only solution is circumcision. If not, problem may persist or get complicated. Please do visit your local doctor / specialist. Best wishes!