Problems with Diagnosing Pregnancy?

Patient: I have some pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness or neusea after eating(but no vomiting) and a couple of other little things.I did pregnancy test and it showed me very faint line. I did another test(different brand) and it was negative.I went to the doctor,told him about symptoms and tests,he examined me wiTh speculum,hands and intervaginal ultrasound.He said,he cannot see embryo yet because it’s too early and something (my ultrasound.He said,he cannot see embryo yet because it’s too early and something (my doctor is german and said it in german,so i couldn’t understand this word)is too big,then he pointed out a couple of black spots and printed them out.He didn’t tell me what it was, but then all of the sudden he said that he is 99% sure that I am pregnant. BUT!when I got home I decided to take another test(same as i did the first time which was with faint line),looked at the package(my bf for me,and i didn’t pay attention to it) and as i turned out to be it was not pregnancy test, it was ovulationg test!My question is, was my doctor able to see signs of pregnancy(I’m about 4 weeks after conception) or he was so sure based on the fact that I said that one test was positive? Or he might be mistaken for some sickness?(i have pregnancysymptoms for the past month including bresttenderness)

Doctor: Your story is a very complicated one, and demonstrates that you may need to be evaluated further to find out if you’re p regnant or not. Usually a home pregnancy test is a reliable indicator of pregnancy. However, in some cases, if done early, the hormone levels may not be high enough to be detected in these tests. It is certainly possible that at 4 weeks an ultrasound may not show much. I would suggest a blood test for pregnancy which far more accurate and possibly a repeat ultrasound after 2 weeks to confirm a diagnosis.