Professional opinion on OxyELITE Pro – Safe? Good aid to workout or unnecessary?

Patient: I am considering on taking oxyELITE pro to help me lose some extra fat that I just can seem to lose… I workout regularly: both weight training and cardio, and I try to watch my diet….can’t lie though, I do cheat here and there (but not too often). As of now I’m working hard on a high protein low carb lifestyle, but it seems like I’ve come to a point in my weight loss where it’s just not happening anymore. I am 20 years old, 155lbs, 5’4 female. I carry most of my fat around my mid section (which is the worst place to carry it so I’ve been told). I am asthmatic but push myself to run because I know it’s necessary. I’ve been fighting to keep fat off since the age of 10 when I gained a whole bunch of weight and became overweight. I think I’m fairly healthy now but can’t seem to lose that last bit of fat. What is your take on this weight loss supplement? Is it safe? How bad is the rebound weight gain normally? Do you think my diet and exercise right now would be enough to keep off the fat that I lose on OxyELITE Pro?