October 19, 2018

Progesterone levels declining

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Patient: I am between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant. Because of two previous ectopic pregnancies in my right tube (which has now been removed) my beta hcg, estrogen and progesterone levels are being monitored with this pregnancy. Initially both my hcg and progesterone levels were rising appropriately (hcg is more than doubling every 48 hours- it’s actually closer to tripling). Estrogen levels are fine too. My concern is that while my progesterone levels initially rose from 23-25 over a 48 hour period, they have recently dropped. At my last draw they came in at 15.5 (this draw was done was one week after my last draw of 25). I know that progesterone levels can fluctuate, but a 10 point drop seems significant to me. Also, I had not eaten prior to the draw (I know sometimes eating before the draw can result in lower progesterone levels). Should I be concerned about an impending miscarriage?

Symptoms: Concerns about declining progesterone levels in early pregnancy.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing to us.Congratulation on your pregnancy!I can understand your concern.Your progesterone level is within normal range (it is around 10-29ng/ml).Progesterone used during this time for proper development of the fetus, increase growth of blood vessel and the placenta.And then do not take any stress, your levels are fine.I hope this was useful.Good luck.Regards

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