Prolonged Cold/Ear Fullness

Patient: I have been fighting cold symptoms for 11 days. I don’t feel run down, but I have congestion and a cough. The cough is not very productive but not dry. My mucous is clear. However, I have now developed fullness in my ears to the point of almost not being able to hear at all. Do you think taking Mucinex will clear this up or should I see a doctor?

Symptoms: Cough, congestion, ear fullness

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms of cough and cold is related to the fullness in the ear. They are inter -rel ated. Many a times when the nose gets blocked, the Eustachian tubes get occluded and this causes an ear block, which may ache sometimes. Do not worry. Try steam inhalations with a drop of eucalyptus oil added to it. Valsalva maneuver also help. Learn it by watching a video on how to practice it. It will relieve the ear clog. Also as the cold settles down, the ear block will clear by itself. If it does not, see an ENT specialist, wax accumulation could be another cause. Continue taking Mucinex, it will reduce the congestion.Hope this helpedRegards