Prolonged cough suspected asthma

Patient: My son 2.4 years,has frequent cough and cold for more than 6 months. Doctor suggested to take cough syrup and montair and finally suggested Budecort MDI inhaler. We met another family doctor in between, he suggested to go for a blood test and found Hemoglobin level as 8.5 and suggested to take some iron tonics and put hold for the inhaler. What should I do now? Does Iron deficiency in children have any connection with prolonged cough and cold? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Iron deficiency can cause an increase in the risk of contracting infections, such such as u pper respiratory tract infections. However, we are not certain if the child’s symptoms are being caused by asthma or an upper respiratory tract infection. This requires further examination and testing. He should be taken bak to the doctor to undergo a thorough respiratory examination. This will also include a thoracic x ray to visualize his lungs for any signs of infection. Depending on the cause of his symptoms, he can be placed on the prescribed inhalers or be prescribed antibiotics to treat his lung infection. We wish your son a speedy recovery.Thank you for consulting