Pros and Cons of the Master Cleanse

Patient: I frequently have loose stools, feel nauseated, and have to rush to the bathroom after meals. I am considering doing a colon cleanse to see if it will help with my symptoms. I have heard of the Master Cleanse and am wondering what the pros and cons are of it, as it sounds pretty severe, or if there is a healthier one I can make at home using natural ingredients.

Doctor: The Master Cleanse is a liquid lemonade diet that is supposed to remove toxins from the body (though there is no scienti fic evidence). This regimen is popular these days in people who want to lose weight rapidly.I would not recommend you the Master Cleanse diet because it deprives the body of vital and essential nutrients and the weight loss is not sustainable in the long run. In addition your symptoms may not benefit from Master Cleanse. In my opinion I would suggest that you consult a gastroenterologist for further evaluation to rule out irritable bowel syndrome. Your doctor may also do a colonoscopy to visualize the gut mucosa. I hope the information helps.