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Prostate/Bladder Problem

Patient: Hello Sir,I’m a 20 year old boy, quite athletic and maintain good general health. My problem is that recently, a week ago while passing stool, I noticed sperm-like thick liquid coming out of my penis (2-4 drops). I was constipated at that time and had to strain, then a couple of days after, the same thing happened again. And I have been very worried ever since. I did as much research as I could, to be very honest it seems like I have 9 out 10 every diseases I saw. Every time a few symptoms matched. Also, note that as a habit, after I urinate, I do a few kegels and milk the shaft to get the last few drops out. Then again after a couple of days, after urinating, as I passed a stool (still slightly constipated), more urine came out as I strained to pass stool. Why does that happen? I thought I had already emptied the tank …. Could it be that I had developed an enlarged prostate/BPH/prostatitis/spermatorrhoea/prostatorrea or some other disorder? I’m pretty sure I developed this condition due to excessive masturbation (more than 2 or 3 a day) for 5-6 years now. I don’t masturbate daily (usually), but sometimes the number gets extreme over the weekends or after every 2-3 days. Do note that I masturbated 3-4 times the day before I first noticed this problem. Can you please tell me what my problem might be? Is it temporary or permanent? Naturally curable or not? What impact would it have on my general health? I haven’t masturbated since that day and I plan to avoid any extreme behaviors from now on. What would I have to do to get back in perfect shape? Or am I doomed to have this embarrassing disease for the rest of my life. Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




Symptoms: Symptoms: Penile discharge/dribbling

Doctor: We have noticed your anxiety and concern.However, all your symptoms are related to your anxiety – the anxiety of bein g having a serious illness. The discharge you have mentioned is semen. Those who reduce or stop masturbation, this usually happens. Masturbation is absolutely normal and absolutely no need to have anxiety on that score. However, once you are stuck with an idea that is wrong. You are likely to modify your lifestyle/ pattern. Once reduced frequency of masturbation / sex the accumulated semen has to find some way to come out. Much may go off in urine. When strained like while passing stools, that too while constipated, it can happen. Please get out of the idea that you have a serious problem. Semen discharge is usual and common. This is called Dhat Syndrom and is purely psychological. You need proper sex education and that is important. You can meet your family doctor who should explain and educate you on the whole issue.


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