Prostatitis and frequent urination

Patient: I am a 31 year old unmarried man. I am suffering from “frequent urination” for the past 5 months. I go wash room 10-12 times during day time and once in the night. In between I consulted with general physician, who carried out urine test and found no problem in my urine. Also, I became weak and bit lean. I also started facing low back pain. Lat week, I visited to an urologist, who made urine test and took ultrasound of my bladder and prostate. He told me that my urine and bladder function is OK but there is a slight enlargement of prostate, which causes frequent urination. He told this is “chronic prostatitis”. He prescribed me with few antibiotic and anti-inflammation medicine for two weeks. I didn’t found any improvement even though I completed medicine for one week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t discuss more with the doctor about this problem. How long will it take to get fully recovered ? Is this happen to a unmarried young man like me. Is this may hamper my married and sexual life. How can I get strength and relief from back pain. Is there any food restriction needed. Please help me in this regard. Please suggest something more as per your expertise.