Prostatitis and symptoms of abdominal bloating and urgency

Patient: brother is 24 and it is about 2 years he has been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis but his problem is when he sits for a while he feels gases in his stomach and needs to go to bathroom.doctors say he doesn’t have any colon there any relationship between his symptoms and prostatitis?

Doctor: Chronic prostatits is chronic inflammation of the prostate gland and usually presents with symptims like pelvic or lower abdominal pains,peri anal pain, dysuria etc. The symptoms that you mention may be related to the chronic prostatis but it may also be due to a bowel issue . If he has been checked up for the same then maybe he has irritable bowel syndrome which typically does not show any pathological features and is a diagnosis of exclusion. He may have to have more tests like stool testing along with a colonoscopy.