Protection from Swine Flu

Patient: I am wondering, a good friend of mine has 3 children and 2 of them were just diagnosed with the swine flu, they are very close with my kids. I know the swine flu can be deadly, is there a chance that my kids could get it?

Doctor: With everything in the news these days, I am encountering this question a lot in my clinic.  It is important to know tha at swine flu is managed the same way as the regular flu or other upper respiratory infections.The flu is spread by respiratory droplets.  These droplets can be air borne or even live on dead surfaces for up to 72 hours.If you have the flu, the best way to prevent the spread of it is to stay home for one week or till 48 hours after the symptoms resolve, wash your hands frequently, minimize your exposure to others by keeping your distance and convering your coughs and sneezes with your sleeve.If you do not have the flu and want to minimize your chances of getting it – the best way is to wash your hands frequently.