Protein content during pregnancy

Patient: Hello Doctor, I am 20 weeks pregnant and being vegetarian, I feel I am not taking enough protein content throughout the day while I should be consuming at least 40 gms of protein daily which is essential for baby’s growth. So, I started talking Proteinx original but later I realized that that one is for adults growth and immune system so I am not sure if that protein is going to the baby or not or does it get all consumed in my body ? can you please guide me here ? also, we don’t have mama proteinx in our indian store so please suggest if I should keep taking the original one or not ?

Doctor: Hello,At 20 weeks pregnancy, you are right that you should take a balanced diet but exogenous protein sources can be easily provided by natural sources rather than proteinex powder per se. A baby shall automatically take all the nutrients necessary for his growth from the mother’s body and its the mother’s stores which need to be refurbished. You may try legumes in diet, ground nuts and even Nutrela can be a good source of protein.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you safe pregnancy,Regards