Protein deficiency due to possible Hookworm infection

Patient: Hello Doctor, From around age 16 I noticed that my hair was starting to fall out by running my fingers through it and after a bath. I have a regular hairline but my hair seems to be thinning overall. Recently, I read an article on MSN Health about protein deficiency and how it can cause hair to periodically fall out. I went out and bought a Body Fortress Protein Supplement and started taking 4 scoops of the protein supplement daily. That would be around 208 grams of protein daily in addition to my diet. After a week of taking this much protein, my hair slowly stopped falling and I noticed that even after a bath I had no hair loss. After years of excessive hair loss (more than 100 hairs) I had absolutely no hair loss. If I stop taking the protein supplement my hair starts to fall again. I cannot explain why this is happening. I also read that hookworms can cause protein deficiency and anemia. Is it possible that I have hookworms due to which I need additional protein to maintain normal levels? Thank you!

Doctor: You would have to go see your doctors to get tested for the hookworms. I definitely do recommend keeping on the protein diet as it dies definitely help with your hair follicles.