Patient: Hello doc. I have a query about my gf’s one of best friend. I have came across a word “PATHOLOGICAL LIAR”. I wish to know more information about it. because like i have read the person always lies for sympathy. And thats what i see happening. he is online friend of my gf and became best friend now. because everytime he says something is wrong with him.example – when he was very very young his parents died and he was with his foster parents and they were alcoholic and used to treat him bad. he says he is always lonely and always his life is miserable. he says he lives alone. until now there is not even 1 good thing happened to him. recently he was at his work place and something very serious happened to him and he collapsed. he was in emergency care. but no proof of it though. he has just posted a pic of his partial hand showing the hospital view. and now every1 feels bad for him. after every 2-3 days there is a post that his life is miserable. he feels like shit. and many more. my gf says he is most of the time online trying to find true love or something.and everytime he says something that my gf feels pity for him. initially he had sent my gf a very big long story of his life (2-3) pages. i read that, and just bad things had happened to him. and it started with you are 6tthe h person I am sharing it with and he was a new friend to her that time. so how could a new friend share his whole life story. I would rather mover forward. But getting back to my point. there is a lot more which he says and he is always lonely. I have just mentioned a few which i remember. he had few relationship in past but broke up after a while.. I would really appreciate you help. Cause someway or the other its affecting our good long relationship. Plz advise me if this situation could happen in reality or I am totally wrong because I am jealous :PThank You.