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Psychological sexual health issue

Dear Ask The Doctor:
This is a psychological issue that I am having. My husband is in the military and is currently deployed, so I sometimes have to "take care of business" by myself by masturbating. Here is the problem. Sometimes when I masturbate for some reason my friend's husband pops into my mind. If he were somebody that I liked, I might be able to see the psychological reasoning behind this, but the thing is that I really dislike him. I cannot stand his personality, his voice, his accent, or his looks. I pretty much despise him. So why is he popping into my mind, especially in such an intimate time? Needless to say, my "business" is quickly ended when he ruins my mood. I need this to stop!

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I understand your fustration. The only thing to do is try and do some relaxation so all thoughts are out of your head. Maybe try looking at sex video tapes, things like that. Also really try some breathing exercise before masturbating and really "get into the zone" Hope this helps.

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Guest Says: My frind male 32 yaer ,and his Hemoglobin Fluctuating 7.50(HB) to 11(HB) between atfer the birth .He is looking normal but his color yelow.. plz tell me he is the able to marrige life .

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