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PT for level 2 rotator cuff repair with anchor

Patient: On February 23, I had rotator cuff surgical repair (open with screw anchors secondary to a shredded supraspinatus tendon). the sling was taken away 4 days later (2/27) and today was my 3rd physical therapy session. The therapist had me in a supine position & forced my surgical shoulder way past pain level in coronal + scapular abduction (both horizontal & vertical), external rotation, internal rotation & Flexion to way above shoulder level. I was yelling in pain & begging him to stop, but was told that it has to be done in order to get movement back. 2 days ago, the same therapist did the same thing and I had been unable to move from the unbearable pain knowing I had to return today & may possibly get some relief. I am in so much pain & can’t get relief from meds, ice, rest, etc. Is this normal & will it get easier as therapy goes on? I fear that the “kinks”( that limit my arm to move further) that the therapist is “pushing” through may be sutures and/or the anchor breaking loose. I thank you for any response. I want to heal the best that I can to regain my ability to work & enjoy life again!



Symptoms: Stabbing, burning pain at entire shoulder area, deltoid area, forearm, wrist. Numbness in my thumb, index & middle finger. Shooting pains with slight movement throughout upper back shoulder & arm.



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have undergone a rotator cuff repair and were then started on physiotherapy after a week itself then it is felt that it was really too early for the physiotherapy to have been started. Ideally the shoulder should be rested for atleast 2 weeks to allow the swelling and inflammation to settle down before any physiotherapy should have been started to attain the complete range of motion. The primary mode of treatment shall be NSAIDS for the pain and physiotherapy hence but after at least 2 weeks. Hence, it is suggested that when in pain, physiotherapy sessions should presently be stopped for a week and then when inflammation dies down, then can be restarted again.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Guest: I have had both rotator cuffs repaired two times each and NEVER had any PT done before 3 – 4 weeks after surgery. Sounds like somebody started therapy way too soon.


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