Puffy lower back

Patient: Hi, I have a like puffy circle on my lower back over my spine. Right above my butt crack kinda. Then two kinda small less noticeable puffy circle above on each side with makes it look some what like a mickey mouse hat. It doesnt hurt and was wondering if I should b worried about it or see a doctor. About a year, year and a half ago I had fallen off a horse and landed on my back and had some burning pain shooting down my leg, but we went to the hospital and they said it may have been a pintched nerve and gave me medicine and said i was basically fine. Since then every so often my lower back does hurt some but if i get someone to rub it its usually fine it jus get tight. Just wanted to know what use thought. Im 16 years old, female. weigh about 140 5’4 Idk if that matter. Thanks! Hunter