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Pus filled lump on outer edge of vaginal lip

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Firstly: I am not, and never have been, sexually active.

I shave my pubic hair, and immediately after shaving a week and a half ago I noticed a sharp pain on the edge of the lip outside my vagina (on the right hand side, toward the front - about a centimetre from my clitoris). Over the next few days I noticed a bump there which grew bigger and became very sore. After about a week it became so sore and swollen that I could barely sit or stand. The bump was completely under the skin, and the bump itself was just a sore-looking red colour (no sign of a head).

I couldn't bare the pain any more so, having looked it up a little online (and knowing it probably wasn't the ideal solution) I washed myself and my hands, sterilised a needle with alcohol (hand sanitiser) and burst the bump. I squeezed it as hard as I could (sorry for all the detail) until nothing else came out (then squeezed a bit more just in case). What came out was simply pus - it was very pale, just an off-white colour. The pain relief was instant, and I cleaned everything thoroughly and put plenty of savlon on the area (I changed sanitary towel frequently, cleaning the area and putting on fresh savlon every time).

The slight swelling never went away, and two days later, the lump had returned (but not as bad as before) and the place where I'd pierced it became a little purply (slightly like a blood blister colour, and it was about a milimetre or two square). I pierced it again (taking the same precautions) and this time it burst as soon as the needle came into contact. What came out was blood (looking a completely normal blood colour) and a little bit of pus (a pale white colour even cleaner than it had been before).

That was last night, and although I'm not in pain now at all there's still a little bit of a swelling there. This morning it looked like all the swelling had completely gone down, but where it's looking slightly swollen again I'm worried it may be filling up again. I'm still cleaning it and applying savlon.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and ideally I'd love it to be something that happens to women occasionally and which doesn't require medical treatment. I know this might just be wishful thinking though. What should I do? if the answer is to go to my doctor then what should I do in the meantime? People in my area normally have to wait for a couple of months for the GP to be free.

I really just want it to go away.


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