Puss coming out of blister like wounds on fingers

Patient: Hi…i have 2 blister like cuts…one on middle finger (the first joint from my fingertip) and one on the ring finger (second joint from fingertip). When i press or apply pressure to both cuts, I see yellowish/whitish puss coming out. Then the blood comes out afterwards, and finally clear fluid that comes sticky after it dries comes out. What is it and can i treat it at home?

Symptoms: Swelling around the cut, painful when touched

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATDI feel that you have a bacterial infection of the finger pulp. Usually it m ay happen after minor injury, which may sometimes go unnoticed. You may require Antibiotics both oral & topical. You may also need dressing of wound. Please consult your family Physician or Dermatologist.Hope this helps.Get Well soon