PV loss query

Patient: I have recently been experiencing some PV blood loss after organisms, usually through clitoral stimulation but also during intercourse. I have the implanon implant which I had replaced 1+ months ago whilst menstruating. As I had previously had a miscarriage I wanted to wait before trying again. Recently for the past 2ish weeks I’ve been noticing some signs and symptoms that I had previously before finding out I was pregnant. I just found a clot passed PV which is roughly 1cm in size. I have had minor cramps throughout the day but they haven’t been discomforting. I was planning to take a at home pregnancy test in the morning. Am I miscarriag

Symptoms: Fatigue, loss of appetite, cramps, nausea, spotting

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is advisable that you opt for a home pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. If it is p ositive it shows that you may have been pregnant, and then it is advisable to consult the doctor immediately. Regarding the bleeding during intercourse it is better to see the doctor or who will do an internal examination and also a scan along with investigations to ascertain the underlying cause based on which appropriate treatment can be taken.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.