Query about contracting STD from a sex worker

Patient: I am 33 year old male, I had sexual encounter with a sex worker on 24 July. The intercourse was protected, but oral sex was unprotected and was both given and received for a very short time. Her vulva, clitoris etc looked clean, however, there were some bumps around her anus area. We washed our genitals with soap before and after oral and protected sex. The next day I started regretting it and became very anxious. After 1 week I noticed some bumps on the head of penis and I showed a doc and he said it is not herpes. He swabbed it at my insistence and the swab said negative for HSV. However, my anxiety continued and I had frequent urination and itching at the tip of my penis and the doc prescribed me Azithromycin 2 mg and my frequent urination stopped, however, itching at the tip of penis continued, may be few times a day. I read that cranberries are good for UTI and had dried cranberries and my itching is all but vanished. The bumps/rashes on my penis head does not subside I visited a dermatologist and he again said it is not herpes since there is no fluid in it and he scraped the skin and tested for fungus, which was again negative.My questions are as follows,1. What is my chance of contracting herpes? Which type is more likely?2. Now that it is more than 1 month after the encounter and I have not developed any sores/blisters, will I continue to be so?3. What is the chance of other STIs like HIV?4. What is the ideal time frame for me to test for HSV and be sure that I have not contracted any STI?5. This is my first time I had any kind of sexual encounter with a sex worker. Does it reduce my chances of infection?

Symptoms: Bumps on penis, anxiety