Question about a recent Mirena IUD Implantation

Patient: Two weeks go I got a Mirena IUD inserted and have since been getting headaches, back pain cramps and mood swings. Will these side effects level out soon? What is the time frame? Thanks!

Symptoms: Headache, lower back ache, cramps, mood swings

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The Mirena IUD is an hormone eluting intrauterine device that is used as a form of contrace ption. This IUD elutes a hormone analog called levonorgestrel. This medication when it interacts with your body’s own endogenous hormone production, can produce side effects such as headaches, cramps, irritability, and light menstrual spotting. This usually goes away within the first month. Should your symptoms not resolve after about three to four weeks, please follow up with your doctor to be examined. It is possible that this IUD may not be the right choice of contraception for you and you will need to have it removed. Should your symptoms worsen, especially the abdominal cramping, please see your doctor wishes you a speedy recovery.