Question About Drugs Choice for Hypertension 23 yo Male

Patient: Hello, I’m 23, have higher blood pressure for some reason (tests have been run, they say it is essential hypertension, not sure of cause. I am currently taking 50mg Metoprolol ER. Was initially put on it cause blood pressure was quite high and I was having anxiety issues as well. Blood pressure was 169/95. %0 mg. Metoprolol ER seems to get BP down to 120-130/80. Took antidepressants for a bit, now I am free of the antidepressants, but keeping on the metoprolol. I was thinking about asking doctor to switch the meds to a different beta blocker, for long term treatment (I want to prevent heart disease so I am not sorry in a few decades). Anyway, I was thinking of requesting the doctor put me on Carvedilol (12.5mg/2 times a day). Would this be sufficient? Evidently this drug has anti oxidant effects, anti-inflammatory effects, can lower lipids problems, help arterial stiffness, reduce central pressure, as well as functioning as a sort of beta-blocker and vaseo-dialator. Or, I was thinking about taking only 25mg Metoprolol ER and then a low dose of this Carvedilol. Would this be okay to ask my doctor about? I have read that the drug is fairly new (15 years) and is usually used for heart failure treatment. I just want to discuss the best treatment for long term treatment, cause I expect to be on blood pressure meds forever.

Symptoms: Hypertension. No symptoms per se, just want advice.