Question about fever

Patient: I am 23 weeks pregnant with a fever, I have taken Tylenol, should I go to the doctor (this is the first day) or wait a day or so to see if it breaks?

Symptoms: Fever, coughing, runny nose

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.I recommend an immediate visit to the doctor. Fever in pregnancy cannot be ta ken lightly as it might be an infection and can affect the fetus as well as the mother.Also, self medication is extremely harmful especially during pregnancy. A lot of drugs are contraindicated as they generate harmful effects on the fetus’s growth and development. Acetaminophen ( tylenol) is known to harm the CNS of the growing fetus ( leading to a childhood psychiatric condition attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).A visit to a gynecologist and a CBC, Blood culture, and a USG to ensure fetus well-being.Fever early in pregnancy can be harmful as it may damage the protein activity and disrupt the development of the fetus. Pregnancy can lower the immunity and hence a low grade fever may be nothing to worry about. Fever may also be a sign of intrauterine infection. Hence in order to be on the safer side, it is essential that you see a gynecologist. Treatment may depend on the cause of the fever.Hope this information was useful.