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Patient: Hi,Me and My Husband are now 29. Trying for baby since 1 year. I have FSH-8.4,LHS-11.2. Doctor suggested to take BCP. Can you please suggest me If I can get pregnent with with out taking medication

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The hormone levels are within normal limits. The doctor has rightly put you on birth cont rol pills as it increases the chances of ovulation, regularises the cycles and improves the quality and no of eggs as well, in turn increasing the chances of pregnancy.It is generally prescribed for 3 cycles, and one conceives within 6 months of treatment, provided other factors for fertility are normal including your partner.The pills are helpful in your case.Other methods which can be followed are having a planned intercourse close to the ovulation days that is from day 10 to day 18, more likely on day 14 and day 15 of the cycle,provided your cycles are regular.In case you have irregular cycles, please use an ovulation calculator to know your ovulation days. Also make sure your cycles are regular, weight is under control and follow an exercise pattern of 30 minutes every day.Also ask your partner to quit smoking and alcohol, this increases the quality of sperms.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Thanks for your reply… Doctor also mentioned like with these harmonal levels I have small free fluid cyst in ovary and because of this I am not ovulating every month i.e., egg is not getting released. Please suggest me if I can solve this problem by doing Pranayama yoga and castor oil pack along with Birth control pills.