Question about the drug Sertraline (Lustral TM)

Patient: Hi there, I’ve started taking Sertraline (Lustral) for mood problems and have noticed that it is causing a bit of erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction, should I be concerned? these are listed as common side affects (1 in 10 patients) in the medications information leaflet. will I return to as before when I stop taking the medication? thanks

Doctor: Erectile dysfunction (ED) or Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction is caused by the use of SSRI – antidepressants. How long the e rectile dysfunction lasts after stopping SSRI is not known.The symptoms include : decreased libido, impotence, difficulty initiating or maintaining erection, premature ejaculation and ejaculatory anhedonia. You may have to consult with your doctor on treatment options including changing to another SSRI with lesser ED effects such as amineptine and sildenafil, amantadine.