Question is all related to the diabetes recently diagnosed

Patient: My cat was always a dry food eater. I could barely ever get her to eat any soft food and I’ve tried many times over the years. She is 11yrs. 7 months old. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve been told the hard food may have contributed to this. Her Vet here gave us some of the dry DM to try. Tried it for 2 days and she hated it so I mixed it with a little of her favourite plus got some of the wet DM to try. Shock when I mixed a little of her favourite dry with the wet DM she loved it and turned her nose up at the dry DM mix. OK so now she loves it so much she seems to want it all the time throughout the day. How much is too much. I started with an 8th of a can 3x day. Now it seems like she would like at least a quarter of a can at least four times a day. Is this too much or should i giver her what she wants?For the record my cat was never sick. Matter of fact she was only at the vet twice. When I first got her for shots and then at 6 months for spaying. She has not seen a Dr. in 11 years until now. I took her to see the Vet here because I felt what seemed like a lump in her throat. The Dr. examined her and took bloodwork to check for hyperthyroidism and other things. Before we got the results she gave her a one time shot of an antibiotic called Convenia. It was right after that shot that she began drinking at least two bowls a day and peeing all the time. I used to empty an almost full bowl of water every day and change her litter about every 5-6 days. Now it’s every 2-3 days and the mega amounts of water. I called the Vet her and asked if diabetes might have shown up she said no it was a bit elevated but not really. I brought her back down and we did a blood glucose which was 20.6!!!….The Vet here then collected some urine via needle and said it was full of blood so she definitely had infection in there as well as loaded with sugar and that she definitely had diabetes. So she now is on 1unit of insulin twice a day until Friday when they are going to do a curb (which I would also like to know more about). And then we’ll see how much she needs. I’m hoping with the switch from dry food to wet plus the insulin she will go into remission.