Question on STD testing I had unprotected oral and vaginal

Patient: Question on STD testing. I had unprotected oral and vaginal sex about 6 weeks ago. Around the 5 week mark I went and got tested for everything. I did give a urine sample for chlamydia and gonohrrea but have no symtoms of dripping. My testicles do hurt and feel tender quite often through the day and when I wake up in the morning I have lots of sweat and a dry pasting around my penis hole. But still no leakage through out the day. I open my penis hole and can see it looks like a little puddle in there but it doesn’t actually come out. The main question is could my results be false negative at the 4-5 week Mark for urine testing or is it pretty confident that the tests were right? If so why do I have the pain in my testicles? Stress or what?

Doctor: Hello,If your urine tests have been negative after 5 weeks which may have been evaluated with the NAAT technique then there is no likelihood that you may be harbouring any infection in the urethra in form of chlamydia or gonorrhoea. The dry pasting thing you see everyday over your pee hole is called smegma and are desquamated epithelial cells and discharge from the inner mucosal layer of penile foreskin which get accumulated overnight and just have to be cleaned with plain water daily.The pain in the testis could be possibly due to cremasteric stretch which may give a shooting pain in testicles but it subsides n its own when stress is lost.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards