Question regarding mold exposure

Patient: How long does it take a person with asthma to go back to breathing normal after being exposed to mold?

Symptoms: Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.It depends on whether you have caught a fungal infection or it is just Allergic react ion to Mold exposure.I would advise you to get a1.Chest Xray2.Absolute Eosinophil Count.3. Sputum examination for fungal stain.If fungal stain is positive in your sputum then you would require anti fungal therapy.Otherwise you will be treated with inhalation beta agonists and steroids if indicated.Usually a simple uncomplicated Allergic Bronchitis responds to treatment within 5-7 days and you will get complete relief within 15 days of appropriate treatment.I hope it helps. Stay Healthy.