Question Regarding Period Pain

Patient: Hello! I am currently on my period and it is very heavy because it just started. My lower abdomen areas hurt. I don’t have a fever, passing bowel movements and urinating okay. I have been trying to rest, take warm baths, and apply a warm heating pad on her. Should I be worried?

Symptoms: Pain in my lower abdomen especially on the sides, heavy menstrual cycle

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Heavy periods on the first day is not unusual. It is fine, but the pain during cycles o n day one is spasmodic dysmenorrhea, which is common in many women. You have to continue the hot water bags, drink plenty of water, have lots of juices, avoid spicy food, tea and coffee, rest well and can take a pain killer or antispasmodic for relief. In case it does not subside by one more day, see a Doctor for an injectable antispasmodic.Hope this helped.Regards