Questions about Ectopic & Abdominal Pregnancy

Patient: I have a question. I think I may be pregnant, but I have an Mirena IUD inserted. I have had it since November of 2013. But I was pregnant but every doctor has said I am not. But my last OB-GYN said I was but that is it. I think it could be ectopic or abdominal. Can you help me?

Symptoms: Cramping, spotting, heavy vaginal bleeding, tender breast, pain on my left side (Around my women parts), nausea, fatigue, frequent peeing, mood swings, headaches, dizzy, and a couple of missed periods.

Doctor: Hello,The best way to confirm, any presence of pregnancy is to opt for serum beta hcg test and look for raised levels of hcg. If the levels are high then, you are pregnant else if its less than 1, then you are safe.Though it is unlikely to be pregnant with an id inserted and mirena should even cause amenorrhoea by now due to its progesterone effect.Though a couple of inter menstrual bleeds are common after miners but these symptoms are due to progesterone effect which may mimic pregnancy symptoms, but if hcg test is negative, you are not pregnant.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards