Questions about my 10 year old son and diabetes

Patient: I have a 10 year old son who has been urinating excessively, extremely thirsty, and lost 7 pounds in the last month. I took him to his primary care doc and the did a urinalysis and found glucose and ketones in his urine. his fasting blood sugar at her office was 208 and this was after having fasted for 16 hours. She sent us to a childrens hospital where his blood was tested fasting for 20 hours and it was 145. the dr told us he had diabetes and admitted him. the endocrinologist ordered a glucose tolerance test which was given at 26 hours fasting and no iv and the result was 139. They sent us home with no explanation for the glucose and ketones in the urine. The y wanted us to schedule an appt with endocrinolgy in 2-4 weeks. my son is a mess . he has peed 13 times so far today and yesterday his mouth got so dry he couldnt even speak. I am so worried about him. Is it possible to pass a gtt and still have diabetes. they did a a1c but results wont be back until tomorrow. I am so worried. Is this normal???? Any advice????

Symptoms: Frequent urination. thirst, weight loss