Questions about what the hpv virus is all about

Patient: Is a mild case of hpv a sexually transmitted thing or can you get it other ways? I only had one sexual partner for four years and I was his only partner as we’ll and i didnt get it until 2 1/2 years after we had intercourse. I am unsure if he has or had it because he didnt want to get tested. I saw a gyno after i got it and he did an exam to see what areas we’re infected. I also got the vaccines to prevent from getting the other forms of hpv. I read that hpv is extremely common and that up to 80% of people get it. I know that its an infection. 8 months later i had a pap that came back completely normal, the hpv was gone. It had gone away on it’s own like the doctor said. Is there anyway I could get it back someday or is it a one time thing? Thanks for your answers!

Symptoms: Prevoius hpv virus

Doctor: Hello,Hpv is a self limiting viral infection and it can be transferred through sexual contact ( commonly), or seen in cases of immuno deficiency or chronic disease individuals whose immunity is less, then these hpv viruses may infect sooner and can grow causing cervicitis and ectopy. Also there are chances that it can be spread at swimming pools, public baths if one happens to come in contact with genital hpv warts as well.As the immunity improves the viral antigens are removed and the load is decreased making it undetectable and as you have been vaccinated then the antibody levels for the strains you have been vaccinated for would prevent further re-infection as well.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards