Questions to see if I am pregnant?

Patient: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We have had sex before and on ovulation. Last time was Sunday. I have been feeling a little odd. Can’t explain just different. Today I feel like I am having a little discharge. When I wipe or check it is really nothing. Clear and a little wet. I have also been experiencing cramps similar to period cramps but again a little different. I should start my period on December 21st. Could I be pregnant and feeling theses things like normal or is my body getting ready for my period? I had no pregnancy signs with my first child.

Symptoms: Cramps, discharge, period over a week and a half away

Doctor: Hello,If you have had unprotected sex near your ovulation period as you mentioned, then there are chances that you ma y get pregnant if the ovulation is timed well. The excessive discharge per vaginum though is no indication confirming pregnancy , but in case you feel , to confirm you may opt for blood serum beta hcg levels on day 24-26 of your cycle. These levels if found to be raised, then it indicates that you are pregnant . If the levels are less than 1 , then you are safe. This is one method by which pregnancy can be ascertained before missing your periods and is more sensitive.I hope i have answered your query ,Wishing you good health,regards