Quick ejection of sperm

Patient: Sir,while i am doing masturbation i am ejectinng less than 1 and half minute only is it the problem sir ?? generally men how much time take for ejection i am not married if i married in coming year will i able to satisfie my wife?/ i am 22 year old 5.3 inch height.50kg weight sir please give answer

Symptoms: Fast ejection

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.If you have a good health and you ar e without any chronic disease such as hypertension/ T2DM, then you got nothing to worry about, as you will have a good sex life. The commonest cause of premature ejaculation or loss of hardness in erections is because of psychological issues and anxieties regarding performance.You need to get rid of it, limit masturbation to 2-3 times daily and also be gentle while masturbating and not rough.A good intercourse duration is 7-8 minutes and anything more than that can be painful for both partners.Hope this was helpful.Regards.