Quit antibiotics after 1 pill?

Patient: Hello, I have some mild acne on my back and chest. My doctor prescribed me minocycline(1 pill/12hrs/14days). I have taken 1 pill on my first day. I feel bad after taking it and do not want to continue. I understand the risks of not completing an antibiotic course. I feel since I am not actually sick I do not want to develop a resistance for when I actually am sick. Can I discontinue use after only 1 pill? If no, what are the risks if I do. Please help.Regards.

Symptoms: Antibiotic resistance

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.For treatment of mild to moderate acne, antibiotics are prescribed like azithromyci n/ doxycycline/ minocycline. In Refractory cases, consideration is given to start oral isotretinoin.If you are not able to tolerate Minocycline, you may discontinue it. There are always chances of development of antibiotic resistance on taking incomplete course. Yet you may stop it if it is intolerable for you to continue.Visit your doctor so that he can give you alternative medication. You may share my opinion with him.I hope this helps.Take care.