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Raised skin or bumps on penis shaft

Patient: I have a small cluster of bumps or raised skin on my penis. i have had it for some time now. It does not hurt or red or get painful. I do not have problems peeing. No rash or itching at all. I wish i could submit a photo which would help describe it more. I am going to the doctors in a week or do a walk in evaluation.



Symptoms: Just the bumps, but no burning or itching at all.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,the presence of cluster bumps which are not red or painful or e xhibits any itching are likely to be genital wart variants. The confirmation can always be made after a swab test culture which can help confirming or ruling out any HPV infection as being the possible cause of warts. Another possible cause could be smegma dermatitis which can also present in a similar manner.However the best way to diagnose would be a local examination and the culture test, so please visit your dermatologist soon.If you can attach the pics of the same in the follow up, it would be helpful to diagnose.I hope i have addressed your concerns,Wishing you speedy recovery,Regards

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Patient: Here is a picture of it.

Doctor: These are genital warts with skin coloured lesions. They can be treated with cryocauterization or laser removal. Please visit your dermatologist.


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