Rare case of possible pregnancy, please help

Patient: I had sex with a girl, used a condom, and pulled out. However, after pulling out I took off the condom and fingered her. My thought is that it could have been possible for some semen to have been on my finger before fingering her. Obviously pregnancy would be possible, but how likely? Does sperm die or weaken after exposed to air like that?

Symptoms: Worry

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the question.Its a genuine concern for the possibility exists in such case where sperms on finge rs during fingering would make the partner pregnant. A sperm can easily stay alive for 15 min to half hour outside in the external environment if the fructose in the semen is intact and the semen hasn’t dried up.So , if emergency contraception has not been taken , then it would be wise to conduct a urine pregnancy test after her 7th day of missed period to rule out pregnancy if her menses don’t resume naturally on her own.i hope i have answered your query.regards