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Rash on head of penis, unsure of if STI

Patient: I have a rash confined to the head of my penis. I’m worried it might be an STI, though I’ve been searching pictures all day and haven’t found a good match. I’ve been having episodes of dyshidrosis for 20 years, and the head of my penis resembles an outbreak, but I’ve never had it on my penis before, and I’m not currently showing any signs of it on my hands or feet. This has been ongoing for two weeks. It is never painful. The photo of the head loose shows some red discoloration at the top where a small flake of skin fell off yesterday, exposing the new skin. If one of the tiny bumps get big enough to protrude out, it goes away after a day or two at most.



Symptoms: Slight increase in skin sensitivity, mild bumpy appearance to the head of the penis, head is slightly damp to the touch.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt appears from your description that the lesion is a bump on the hea d of penis , which scabs and sheds off the older skin revealing a new one and the local lesion is wet. This appears to be an STI , most commonly herpes infection and unlikely to be due to cold or dyshidrosis. However no photograph have been attached, so this is a differential diagnosis based on the description.Hence it is advisable to visit your physician for a local examination of the lesion and a swab smear for culture to identify the causative viral organism and direct the treatment accordingly.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health ,regards

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Patient: Is it possible to resubmit the photographs? The page refreshed because entered a bad password and I didn’t think to reattach them.

Doctor: yes there is a provision to submit photographs as well in the portal. You didnt attach any photos in the previous query. I guess its not possible through this comment portal, may be you have ask a fresh query.


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