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Rash on vagina, thrush or something more serious?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi there, there was 2 red spots around the opening of my vagina about a week ago. They wernt sore at all but for a while I had very thick, sometimes stringy white discharge. The skin was sort of dry between my anus and vagina. I put moisturiser on it and it helped quite a bit. I got my period 2 days ago then yesterday I got a rash around the opening and anus. It isn't itchy but is a bit sore to touch, it's like ire you get around your mouth if you keep licking your lips. I'm not sure if it is thrush or something more serious. I'm quite scared to go to the doctor just incase, so I thought I'd try asking here first, please help ):


There is a possibility that the itching could be caused by vaginal thrush. Usually the discharge seen in vaginal thrush is whitish in color and is accompanied by intense pruritus leading to redness and inflammation in  the area. You may need an antifungal medication like fluconazole which is available both as an ointment and an oral medication. If your symptoms do not resolve with this treatment, then you may need see your doctor/gynecologist. A swab test may be done to identify the organism. treatment will depend on the cause. I would advise you not to use any other creams, tampons or deodorants in the affected area.

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