Reaccurance Risk of Placenta Accreta

Patient: Can you please tell me what the percentage of a reaccuring placenta accreta is? I had a placenta accreta with my first pregnancy without it being diagnosed and am pregnant agian.

Doctor: I totally agree with you being concerned about the recurrence of Placenta Accreta in your second pregnancy. The percenta ges vary from 10 to 25% of recurrence due to scars left on the Uterus from previous Cesarean Section or Dilation and curettage, probably increasing the chance even more.I would suggest you to be compliant with your pre natal controls especially in the third trimester trying to diagnose as early as possible if you might have a recurrence using methods such as Ultrasound and consult your Obstetrician –Gynecologist for more information on pre natal care on this type of situation.