Real time mode sonography of pelvis done

Patient: Real timeB mode sonography of pelvis doneUterus measures 8.1*3.7*4.4 cmendometrium thickness-3.5mmendometrial cavity appeared normalhomogeneous myometrical echoesIf this is the result, could i not be pregnant? Test was done wen i thought i was 3 mnths pregnant!! Plz reply..

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your ultrasound findings the possibility of preg nancy is very less.Your ultrasound findings are suggesting normal sized uterus and endometrium.Usually by six complete weeks of gestation fetal pole with cardiac activity can be identified.So, as fetal pole is not seen even after 12 weeks of gestation, the possibility of pregnancy is less.Hope this helps you.Take care