Really deep, dull pain in my left lower abdomen and back

Patient: Ok i am having pain. It’s like a dull pain in my left side which I know it’s my ovary. And my back, it feels like it’s tight. And it’s just like a really deep pain. And it’s both my back and ovary aching. It’s kinda like sometimes a beeping of pain with my ovary. And my back, if I sit, the pain goes up my back. I did a self diagnostic test and it said i might have a ovarian cyst. Now i am only 16 and i thought i could not get a cyst. I was wondering if you had a second thought on what might be wrong with me.

Doctor: Functional ovarian cysts (formed around the ovulation period of normal menstrual cycle) may occur at any age, from the s tart of menses to pre menopause. These are simple fluid filled cysts that may enlarge in size producing symptoms including pain in the lower abdomen and back, discomfort, menstrual irregularities, infertility etc. They usually regress with treatment or with time (if small and without any complications) on its own . Consulting your doctor and a referral to a gynecologist for the correct diagnosis of the condition is important. Ultrasound examination is usually performed for the assessment of the ovaries and presence any enlarged functional cysts.