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Really Sick – Might be the flu?

Patient: My boyfriend is sick. I think he has a cold or maybe even the flu? He’s felt really sick for about 24 hrs. and it happened suddenly. Do you have any suggestions? He’s already been to the doctors yesterday and they said it was just allergies. It’s clearly not allergies. He can barely get up from his bed. I’m the only one to take care of him so what should I do? Btw we have both been vaccinated for the flu.



Symptoms: – Fever
– Congestion
– Stuffed Nose & Nasal Swelling
– Sour Throat and Coughing
– Headaches
– Stomach Aches
– Sweats
– Chills
– Occasional Vomiting ( about every 4 hours or so).
– Fatigue
– Eyes watering, itching, ect..



Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.It seems that you have a viral fever with a sore throat. A viral fever presents with th ese symptoms:- Fever- Sore throat- Vomiting- Watering eyesYou can try these few things to help you feel better:- Drink lots of water- Take Paracetamol tablets- Steam inhalation- Cetirizine tablets- Warm salt water garglingIf you do not feel better after 3 days, see a Doctor. He will be able to help you.I hope this helps you.


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