Reason behind big cholesterol jump?

Patient: I need help! My cholesterol levels have been exceedingly high for the last two years. This year my HDL was 61 and LDL was 152. Last year, HDL was 60 and LDL was 163. Prior to that, my last blood test was in 2011 and that year my cholesterol was really good, HDL 61 and LDL 80. Evety year prior was low also. I want to know what could cause a big jump like that in just 2 years. I am a 31 year old female, weigh 180 lbs, 5’6″. My height and weight have been the same since 2009. I smoke 10 cigarettes per day, this has not changed either. My doctor was happy to tell me I was going to DIE of a heart attack in the next 30 years due to my high cholesterol but didn’t tell me what could cause that jump or how to fix it other than by becoming a vegetarian. I have cut back on meat as it is (about 3 or 4 times/week) and when I do eat meat, it is usually chicken or pork. I very rarely eat red meat (maybe once or twice every 2 months). I had my doctor test my thyroid (my aunt has hypothyroidism and I experience many of the associated symptoms) but thyroid function came back as normal. Please help!

Symptoms: High cholesterol