Reason for miscarriage

Patient: I recently had a miscarriage at 11th week can i know by any test why this happened so that i will take care for the next time

Symptoms: Symptoms: stomach pain , bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There can be a variety of reasons for a first trimester pregnancy loss right from miss ed abortion or no heartbeat, luteal phase defect with progesterone deficiency, or congenital anomalies in the foetus or aneuploidies which make the foetus unfair for survival or lastly a force full intercourse in the first trimester can often dislodge the pregnancy completely and lead to abortion. You may get a serum progesterone test done on day 21 of your next cycle to look for luteal phase defect and a karyotyping examination as well. Ideally the abortus should have been subjected to karyotyping as well to look for any aneuploidies.Hope this helps.Regards