Patient: Hi there, i’ll try to cut a long story short..i got involved in a bit of a love triangle which has now been sorted but basically i started the pill Ovranette on July 26th second day of my period and took all pills on time apart from the very last one in the pack i took a day late on Aug 16th instead of 15th. I was with guy 1 on Aug 13th, two days before my first week off. I was with guy 2 on Sep 7th and 8th and missed a pill completely on the 7th, doubled up the next morning but had bad diarrhea for 3 days after. Exactly two weeks after the 7th i tested positive for pregnancy and have had six more positives, very faint but obvious. I need to know who is most likely to be the father, i am thinking and hoping probably guy 2? Many thanks and sorry for long message!