Reccuring late term miscarriages, Due to cord accidents.

Patient: I’ve had two fetal Demises in the last year. one at 19 weeks and one at 20. Both were lost due to cord accidents. the first had knots, with no blood on the fetal side. and the second had the cord wrapped around his neck, and then around his legs.My question is, since these seem to be, according to my OB, ” freak accidents”, Do we need to be concerned , should we chose to try again in the future? I’ve searched and Searched and can’t seem to find anyone else with a story similar to mine. only one research paper from an OB who believed hat cord accidents could be genetic, and that if you had one , you were ten times more likely to have another.Before our losses, We had four healthy babies.I was born, but survived obviously, both “true knots” and a nachual cord.

Symptoms: Fetal Demise.