Recent addition to hangover symptoms–sharp stomach pain. Not gastritis, only occurs in morning.

Patient: I have recently had a highly unusual addition to hangover symptoms consisting of sharp stomach pain. It is not a spiky pain, just sharp, in the lower-stomach upper-intestines region, it feels semi-localized in several vague locations but they shift over a matter of minutes. The pain is not burning, but similar to gas-related intesine pains I have had before, except more severe, and it has never before been this high up.I don’t believe it’s gastritis because this does not occur immediately upon drinking, but only the following morning. I do occasionally have a pain immediately after taking my first drink, but that pain is higher, more burning, very obviously stomach-lining related, less severe, and it goes away quickly.I am worried about pancreatitis, although I have no reason beyond WebMD-hypochondria to believe that’s what it is. I do drink heavily, which is what made me think of pancreatitis, although I hear it only occurs in 5% of alcoholics. I also have two grandparents who drank well into their 70s, and uncles on the other side of the family who drink frequently, so I wouldn’t think I would be pre-disposed to such alcohol-related illnesses.I would be grateful for any advice or additional potential causes to research. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you very much.-Richard