Recent Knee injury and still swollen

Patient: I recently hit the top of my knee against a hard object which caused my knee to swell. What worried me was that there was no bruising. The swelling has gone down now but my knee still feels vulnerable and aches when doing sport. Is this just a simple knee injury and I should refrain for doing any type of sport activity for a longer time or is there more this injury than I know?

Doctor: the direct blows to the knee may produce injury of the ligaments, menisci, bones or capsule, but if there is no signifi icant swelling or deformity, and no limitation on the active movements (flexion, extension), a fracture or dislocation can be ruled out. Also if there is no instability or locking a menisci lesion may be also ruled out. The suggested strategy for the initial treatment includes: use of local ice, rest, elevation of the leg, anti-inflammatory medication (as “Advil”) and the use of a knee immobilizer. If all these directions are followed, then the normal function should return in few days, but if the pain, swelling and limitation on the movements persist, then  an Orthopedic Surgeon must re-evaluate the injured knee to rule out any possible complication due to the blow and determine the best treatment option for you.